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Eland Cruise


290, Yeouidodong-ro Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul


  • Rental Contact : +82-2-6291-6900 /

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Eland Cruise

Since its virgin cruise in 1986, the Eland Cruise has created amazing memories for many passengers. Currently, Eland Cruise operates a total of 6 cruise ships, and parties can be organized on the Ara, Tritania, and Britannia. The quality and service offered on these ships are on par with the service on land, which is why many people call these the restaurant on the Han, or the party on the Han. The food can be prepared on site, and halal food is also available upon request. With dinner party reservations, guests can enjoy the beautiful nightscape over the Han River while enjoying their meals on the cruise ship. The cruise ship terminal also has a cafe, fast food restaurants, full service restaurants, and a convenience store, along with a media facade and fountain.


Rental Facility Information

  • Tr
      69 ㎡

    • Acceptance
      Standing : 236 / Reception : 236 / Banquet : 236
    • Facility features
      With food & beverage
  • Bri
      627 ㎡

    • Acceptance
      Standing : 197 / Reception : 197 / Banquet : 197
    • Facility features
      With food & beverage
  • Ebi
      333 ㎡

    • Acceptance
      Standing : 539 / Theater : 300
    • Facility features
      Sightseeing only
  • City
      342 ㎡

    • Acceptance
      Standing : 249 / Theater : 160
    • Facility features
      Sightseeing only
  • Uva
      177 ㎡

    • Acceptance
      Standing : 177 / Theater : 177
    • Facility features
      Sightseeing only


Equipment and Service Status

Parking Facility
Passenger cars: 200
Buses: 20
Beam projector, screen, microphone, speaker, amplifier, lighting equipment
In-house catering services available. Halal & kosher foods can be requested.
Main Facilities
Restaurant, cafe, convenience store
Foreign Language Support
English, Chinese, Japanese



Approximately 60 minutes by car from Incheon International Airport (58 km)
Approximately 30 minutes by car from Gimpo International Airport (21 km)
Approximately 7 minutes by foot from Yeouinaru Station (subway line 5) (600 m)
Approximately 70 minutes by car from Incheon International Ferry Terminal (40 km)


Nearby Facilities

[Within 3 km] Conrad Seoul, Kensington Hotel Yoido, GLAD Yeouido, Yeouido Park Centre, Seoul - Marriott Executive Apartments
Hongdae Street
Yoido IFC Mall, Parc1 Tower (Hyundai Department Store), Times Square Mall, Yeongdeungpo
63 Square (Aqua Planet 63, 63 Art), Yeouido Hangang Park, Seonyudo Island


Other Information

Main Events
• Doosan Machine Tools European Partners Invitation Event
• Boehringer Ingelheim Mid Year Sales Meeting 2019
• Seoul International Fireworks Festival VIP Invitation Dinner
• IBA (International Bar Association) 2019 Dinner
• ConsAsia 2019 Dinner
Experience Program
• Story Cruise: regular daytime sightseeing cruise course
• Music Cruise : night time sightseeing cruise course, including live performances and Moonlight Rainbow Fountain Show viewing at the Banpodaegyo Bridge
• Moonlight Cruise: night time sightseeing cruise course including live performances
• Fireworks Cruise: Saturdays only, music cruise + fireworks
• Lunch Cruise: regular daytime sightseeing cruise course with lunch
• Dinner Cruise: night time sightseeing cruise course, including live performance and dinner
Past Events

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