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Gwangmyeong Cave


142 Gahak-ro 85-gil, Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do


  • Rental Contact : +82-2-2610-2092

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Gwangmyeong Cave

Gwangmyeong Cave is an abandoned mine that has been transformed into a fun and imaginative tourist attraction. The cave, once the site of forced labor during colonial times, was abandoned for 40 years. It was restored to honor the cave’s history and to open up a new chapter in its future. A 2 km trail begins on the underground floor and leads up to the first floor with some 50 themed attractions along the way, including Light Space, Gold Falls, Wine Cave, Wine Cafe, and the Cave Arts Center.


Rental Facility Information

  • Gwangmyeong Cave Arts Center
      115 stage ㎡

    • Location
      Inside cave
    • Acceptance
      Standing : 200 / Reception : 70 / Banquet : 70 / Theater : 350 Classroom : 70 / U-Shape : 70 / Board : 70
    • Facility features
      Theater style space
  • The Light Plaza (LED Media Tower)
      771 (136 stage) ㎡

    • Location
      Outside cave
    • Acceptance
      Standing : 1,500 / Reception : 1,050 / Banquet : 1,050 Theater : 1,050 / Classroom : 1,050 / U-Shape : 1,050 / Board : 1,050


Equipment and Service Status

Parking Facility
Passenger cars: 735
Buses: 20
Sound equipment, projector, lighting equipment, chairs
Outsourced catering services available.
Main Facilities
Food court, Cave Cafe, sidewalk cafe, Upcycle Art Center
Foreign Language Support



Approximately 50 minutes by car from Incheon International Airport (52 km)
Approximately 50 minutes by car from Gimpo International Airport (22 km)
Approximately 8 minutes by car from Gwangmyeong Station (subway line 1, KTX) (3.8 km)
Approximately 20 minutes by car from Cheolsan Station (subway line 7) (11 km)
Approximately 35 minutes by car from Incheon International Ferry Terminal (29 km)
Approximately 50 minutes by car from Suwon Convention Center (35 km)


Nearby Facilities

Lotte Premium Outlet Gwangmyeong, IKEA Gwangmyeong, Costco Gwangmyeong
[Within 5 km] La Casa Hotel Gwangmyeong
[Within 5 km] Take Hotel
Oriseowon Academy (Chunghyeon Museum), Ki Hyongdo Literary Museum


Other Information

Main Events
· 2019 KOPIST(Korea Partnership Initiative for Sustainable Tourism) Working Level Meeting
· 2019 Korean Tour Agencies Fam Tour
· A Chinese cosmetics company workshop
· Year-end concert with Paul Potts
· Council Meeting of Gyunggi-do Mayors
· 23 Ambassadors’ Wives Meeting
· The 2nd Fashion Collection
· TV drama and show shoot location (Running Man, South Korean Men & North Korean Women, We are Married, Memories of Alhambra, etc.)
· 2019 Safe Korea Exercise
· 2019 Civil Service Model Case Presentation
· 2019 China Yubagbang Group Workshop Event
· 2020 Gyeonggi-do Community Security Council Capacity Building Conference
· 2021 Kim Jang-hoon Gorgeous Gangsan Project: Gwangmyeong Cave
· 2021 6 million people entered Gwangmyeong Cave, commemorating the great leap forward to Gwangmyeong Peace Cave
Experience Program
• VR Experience Zone (outside the cave, hang gliding over tourist attractions in Gwangmyeong and the mine cart experience)
• Lascaux International Exhibition (outside the cave; exhibits subject to change)
· 2015 Urban brand category at the Korea Social Contribution Brand Awards
· 2015 Good Brand Award
· 2015 Gyeongin Hit Product Comprehensive Grand Prize
· 2016 Received the Consumer’s Choice Star Brand Grand Prize
· 2017-2018 Selected as one of Korea’s top 100 tourist destinations
· 2017 Korea Tourism Star Award
· 2018 Selected as one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Gyeonggi-do
· 2019-2021 Selected as Korea Unique Venue
· 2021 Selected as Gyeonggi Unique Venue
Past Events

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