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Clayarch Gimhae Museum


25, buncheong-ro, jinrye-meon, gimhae-si, gyeongsangnam-do


  • Rental Contact : +82-055-340-7049 /
  • Representative Contact : +82-055-340-7000 /

How to Apply for Rental

Fill out the rental application form in the facility rental menu on the Clayarch Gimhae Museum website and submit it by e-mail/fax

Other special matters and precautions for rental use


Clayarch Gimhae Museum

Clayarch Gimhae Museum is located in Gimhae, the center of Ancient Geumgwan Gaya and the birthplace of Buncheong Ware. Gimhae is also called the home of ancient tea bowls by the Japanese. The museum is a cultural arts complex with various spaces and facilities, which can host large domestic and international events, exhibitions, education classes and academic seminars. It is the world’s first museum specialized in architectural ceramics, and has 5,000 fired painting tiles surrounding the outer wall. The museum itself is considered to be a piece of artwork.

The size of the venue is 11,814.39m2, with various spaces. There are the Dome House and the Cubic House, which are exhibition spaces; Ceramics Creative Center is a residency space for domestic and international artists. Art-Kitchen and Clay Academy provide various educational programs with hands-on experiences. Large outdoor events and performances can be staged in two places, a large square in front of Dome House and in Picnic Park, located behind Dome House. The venue also has a media room, which is equipped with sound and lighting systems and can be used as a venue for international academic meetings and seminars. Eco-friendly structures such as Clayarch Tower, Art Shelter and sculptures installed in the outdoor space, highlight the natural beauty of Clayarch Gimhae Museum as if it is a watercolor painting.


Rental Facility Information

  • Kids Studio
      97.9 ㎡

    • Location
      Cubic House 1F
    • Acceptance
      Classroom : 36 / U-shape : 24
    • Indoor/outdoor
  • Audiovisual Room
      192 ㎡

    • Location
      Cubic House 2F
    • Acceptance
      Theater : 110
    • Indoor/outdoor
  • Terra Studio
      97.9 ㎡

    • Location
      Cubic House 2F
    • Acceptance
      Classroom : 54 / U-shape : 24
    • Indoor/outdoor
  • Kids Library
      76.5 ㎡

    • Location
      Cubic House 1F
    • Acceptance
      Classroom : 20
    • Indoor/outdoor
  • lawn square
      706 ㎡

    • Location
      Infront of Dome House
    • Acceptance
      Standing : 300
    • Indoor/outdoor


Equipment and Service Status

Parking Facility
Total: 178
Sound equipment, beam projector etc
Outsourced catering services available.
Main Facilities
The Dome House and the Cubic House (for exhibitions), The Ceramic Creative Center (for artist-in-residence programs) The Clay Academy (for hands-on experience with making ceramics), Art-Kitchen (for hands-on experience creating mini-tile mosaics) Clayarch Tower, Promenade and Picnic Par, Clayarch Restroom Facilities
Foreign Language Support



• Approximately 1hour 30 minutes by bus from Gimhae Bus Terminal (BUS number : 44)
• Approximately 12 minutes by car from KTX Jinyeong Station (7 km)
• Approximately 40 minutes by car from Gimhae International Airport (30 km)


Nearby Facilities

Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall, Isquare Hotel
Jinrye-meon Ceramic Theme Alley
Lotte Premium Outlets(Gimhae branch)
Bonghamaeul(Bongha Village), Gimhae Nakdong-gang(Nakdong riv.) Railpark, Gimhae Gaya Theme Park, Gimhae Yeonji Park, Gimhae Museum


Other Information

Main Events
• 2006 International Architectural Ceramic Conference
• 2010 Special lecture session and related workshop with Nino Caruso, master of architectural ceramics
• 2012 Workshop
• 2015 Korea & Australia International Ceramics Workshop
• 2018 Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia
• 2019 Clayarch Winter International Ceramic Art Camp (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan)
Experience Program
• ‘Happy Clay’
An event-type healing program that combines yoga+exhibition viewing+ceramic experience

• ‘Ceramic Experience’
An ceramic work experience program representing the clayarch gimhae museum

• ‘Art-Kitchen’
Architectural ceramic the mosaic experience program
• <2006 Korea Architectural Culture Awards (Ministry of Construction and Transportation, Korea Institute of Architects)> Excellence Award
• <2007 Good Construction Owner Award> Choi Woo-sang
• <2011 The 14th National Museum Competition> Excellent Activity Award in Planning Exhibition
• <2013 The 3rd Gyeongnam Museum Personnel Contest> Proud Gyeongnam Museum Award
• <2018 Art Week Linked Planning Program ‘Culture Hideout Aura’> Minister of Culture and Sports Award
• <2021 Korea Tourism Organization Unique Venue Program Contest> Grand Prize
• <2022 Gyeongnam Tourism Organization Gyeongnam Unique Venue Tourism Product Planning Contest> Grand Prize
Past Events

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