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Daegu Art Factory


31-12, 22-gil, Dalsung-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu (Suchangdong)


  • Rental Contact : +82-053-430-1287 /
  • Representative Contact : +82-053-430-1225~9 /

How to Apply for Rental

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• ~July a telephone rental,
• Augsust~ Online rental possibility

Other special matters and precautions for rental use


Daegu Art Factory

Daegu Art Factory was selected as the government project of “Creation of cultural art creative belt by utilizing local modern industrial heritage” in September, 2008.
We remodeled the annex warehouse (Suchang-dong, Jung-gu), which has meaning as a representative space for not only the tobacco industry in Korea but also the overall industrial heritage. Through this, we could establish a foundation for fostering creative artists and expand experimental art creation infrastructures, and also attribute to urban regeneration

Throughout the year (closed on Monday, Lunar New Year and Chuseok) exhibitions are held from the first to fifth floors, and various exhibition-linked performances and experience programs are held. In addition, you can see the artist's studio in residence open in person during the year (from September to October).
There is an art shop and cafe on the first floor, so you can relax while drinking coffee, and you can also purchase art products for young artists.


Rental Facility Information

  • Soochang Hall
      2,048 ㎡

    • Location
    • Acceptance
      Standing : 100 / Reception : 60 / Banquet : 60 / Theater : 60 / Classroom : 50 / U-shape : 40 / Board : 40
    • Facility features
    • Indoor/outdoor
  • Conference Room
      82.7 ㎡

    • Location
    • Acceptance
      Standing : 50 / Reception : 40 / Banquet : 30 / Theater : 35 / Classroom : 30 / U-shape : 20 / Board : 20
    • Indoor/outdoor


Equipment and Service Status

Parking Facility
Passenger cars : 12
Beam projector, Wi-Fi, sound equipment, lighting equipment, air conditioning system
Outsourced catering services available.
Main Facilities
Exhibition Hall, Mangwondang(“Mangwondang” is a library founded by the King Choongseon of the Goryeo Dynasty in Yeongyeong, Yuan Dynasty.), Art Information Hall, Kids Art Factory, Suchang Hall(Theater), Conference Room, Seminar Room, Window Gallery etc.
Foreign Language Support



• Dongdaegu IC → 20 minutes, Seodaegu IC → 15 minutes, Bukdaegu IC → 15 minutes
• Daegu Station: Daegu Subway Station exit 2 → Walk for 10 minutes in the direction of Taepyeong-sageori
• Transfer to Line 3 at Myeongdeok Station on Line 1 and get off at Dalseong Park Station → 5-minute walk
• Transfer to Line 3 at Sinnam Station on Line 2 and get off at Dalseong Park -Station → 5-minute walk
• Get off at Dalseong Park Station on Line 3 → 5 minutes on foot

• Dongdaegu Station: Take subway line 1 (toward Daegok) at Dongdaegu Station → Transfer to line 3 at Myeongdeok Station and get off at Dalseong Park Station Exit 1 → 5-minute walk
• Front & across of Jung-gu health center: 101, 101-1, 204, 618, 808, Bukgu2
• Suchang Elementary School: 300, 523, 808, 836, 939, Donggu2, Bukgu2
• Front of Dalsung Park: 300, 523, 808, 836, 939, Donggu2
• Front & across of Gyungjin Techvil: 234, 651, 653
• Approximately 25 minutes by car from Daegu International Airport (7.4 km)


Nearby Facilities

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Bukseong-ro Tool Alley, Gyodong Jewelry Street
Seomun Market, The Hyundai Department Store, Dong-A Department Store
Suchang Youth Mansion, Daegu Opera House, Daegu Concert House, Hyangchon HandmadeShoes Center


Other Information

Main Events
• 2023 an experimental project a special exhibition "A river that flows under the ground."
• 2022 Daegu-Paris art exhibition 2022_The Blue Bird
• 2022 Daegu General Assembly of Gas
• 2022 assitej korea (Daegu) an inaugural general meeting
• 2018 Certificate of Commendation awarded by Mayor of Daegu for the "Fire Service Administration" Sector
Past Events

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